This SUPERFINE® Eyeliner Pen is Dope!

This SUPERFINE® Eyeliner Pen is Dope!

Hi! just a quick update about another product released this week. We're glad to announce the release of a new eyeliner pen, i.e. Superfine® Liquid Eyeliner Pen. It is an ultra-fine felt tip liquid eyeliner that delivers intense pigmentation in one easy swipe. The specialized liquid formula makes blending super easy and prevents it from drying down for long-lasting wears. In fact, we did a true test to check its quality and found out that one application will stay in place all day, remain smudge, and fade resistant against humidity, sweat, and tears. In fact, it promises 12-hour waterproof wear.

We're posting below a YouTube review uploaded by Kristy Bergman, who tried it on and has so much to say about it. 

The eyeliner pen is easy to use. The flexible tip glides on smoothly with intense pigmentation in one swipe without skipping or tugging. it won’t smudge, feather or run down!

It is very user-friendly, and even makeup beginners can make use of it to draw perfect eyeliners. Just point the tip toward the inner corner of the eye and lay flat along the base of the lash line, as close to the lashes as possible. Glide from the inner to the outer corner of lash line in a smooth, even motion. That's it!

What do you think? Is it a yay or nay? Your feedback will help us know how we're doing.

We will be back with more updates soon. Till then, take care and have a wonderful day!

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