Focallure™ Hybrid Gel Eyeliner & Brow Cream

Focallure™ Hybrid Gel Eyeliner & Brow Cream

Hello once again! We're excited to share our latest product released this week, i.e. the Gel Eyeliner which can also be used as a Brow Gel Cream. Cool, isn't it? The makeup industry is evolving rapidly, and so is Focallure™. We experiment every now and then with various products which not only prove to be useful but also practical and easy-on-budget. The Eyeliner Gels (& Brow Cream) are offered in 3 unique options, each consisting of 2 Gels and 2 brushes, i.e. Eyebrow Brush and Eyeliner Brush. Depending on your choice, you can use the kit to define your brows, or to create a perfect eyeliner which will last all day and will look super sexy! We also love its nifty packaging. 

The Gels are highly pigmented, offer a long-lasting effect, and the cream is smooth and delicate. High color rendering, rich and full coverage. Create the look you want with the easy-to-use formula, from soft and natural to bold and defined. The brushes are manufactured in-house with high-quality material and formulated to help achieve a non-greasy, non-creasy, non-creasing, non-smudging, powdery and luminous finish.

This is a package! There is no need to buy two separate products when you can make use of just one kit for multiple purposes. Let us know what you think of it in our comments section below, as always, we will be glad to answer all your queries.

Update: The Gel Eyeliner Kits have been discontinued as of 01 Jan 2021. Available as single products, these gel eyeliners can now be purchased separately. Go to the Eyeliners Section on our website and check out the Staymax® Gel Eyeliners. 

Eyeliner Brushes are also now sold separately. Browse the Brushes and Tools section to get them now!

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