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About the Brand


Focallure™ is a cruelty free beauty brand developed in the USA down by the Californian Bay; along the coastline where the Pacific Ocean current brings the warm humid air. It’s a place where the aura of innovation, creativity, and ability to produce something unique just surrounds the atmosphere. The sun kissed beaches, the alluring lifestyle and the pleasant weather makes it a perfect place for drawing positive energy and inspiration to create something truly fascinating.

It all started in the year 2013, when over fifty beauty consultants were approached by the company to develop a high-quality beauty brand. The team comprised members from around the world associated with the film, glamour and fashion industries and had sound knowledge of growing makeup and beauty trends. The team drew inspiration from the American and French makeup styles to produce ideas which would later transform the way makeup is conceived worldwide.

Focallure™ was officially incorporated in 2014 by establishing its production unit in the PRC. Right after hitting the markets, Focallure™ became an overnight social media sensation and received tons of positive reviews from makeup enthusiasts worldwide since it offered cosmetic products at an affordable price with zero compromise on quality.

At Focallure™, we ensure that all the products that reach you are safe to use through rigorous lab testing. Our factory is ISO 9001 and GMP certified, following international standards to manufacture its products. Our research and development centers in Canada and the USA work tirelessly to come up with novel solutions to stay ahead of the continuously evolving makeup industry. 

Focallure™ is currently present in more than 75 countries worldwide through its 200+ affiliate stores and online vendors. The brand has also developed two more in-house affiliate brands,i.e. PINKFLASH™ and STAGENIUS™ manufactured and marketed under the same umbrella.

Focallure™ is committed to bring further new, exciting, and trending makeup ideas to life and make its products available to all as it believes that colors play an exceptional role in expressing one's traditions, charisma, and emotions.


We're a cruelty free brand, and do not test our products on those fur babies


Our Products are free from any sorts of Non-Halal ingredients and additives


We use the best ingredients and avoid all the nasties and harmful chemicals



All our products are developed and reviewed by beauty experts, considering the overall user feedback and evolving trends. This enables us to stay in-line with the ongoing changes in the beauty industry, and to come up with products which can continue to satisfy the needs of our babes worldwide.


There is nothing worse than buying products that do not work. Every product that reaches you undergoes strict quality and safety checks to ensure you get the best of everything we have to offer. We do not use any sorts of harmful chemicals or substances in our manufacturing processes. 


At Focallure™, we keep it simple and do not indulge ourselves in hefty marketing campaigns, celebrity endorsements or pricey advertisements. We focus more on quality, scalability, supply chain and cost-management to pass on the benefits by keeping our prices affordable and reasonable. 


Our priority are our users and customers. We always aim to keep them satisfied. We always strive to connect more with people and listen to what they are saying. Beauty is for everyone and It should not just be limited to a few celebrities and models. We value public opinion and criticism.


All our customers are important to us, so we aim to provide the best customer service possible. Our customer support is available 24/7, and we get back to our customers within a few hours. Don't believe us? Try messaging us once! You won't be disappointed.


Focallure™ has gained massive popularity over the years due to its quality and affordability, and is backed genuine feedback from its fan base on social media. Try searching our name on the internet and you will be welcomed by thousands of unbiased reviews.


We believe that beauty shouldn’t be heavy on the wallets. All our products are a combination of the latest trends and best quality at an affordable price.

Cosmetics & Beauty Products are a necessity, not luxury. Everyone deserves to look beautiful without breaking their banks!

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