IG Alert: Please Follow Our New Account

IG Alert: Please Follow Our New Account

If you are not interested in reading the full article, please click here to follow our new Instagram account, i.e. focallure.arabia

Our on and off relationship with Instagram has been quite interesting over the past couple of months, where Instagram would disable our account, ask for verification, and send us email saying that they did it by 'mistake'.

It was quite frightening at first when it happened, but we gradually got used to it as we weren't alone to endure such suffering. Instagram's global outage was a big news, which was followed by IG accounts getting disabled for no reasons, causing a global panic. Creators and brands lost thousands of followers overnight, and Instagram later apologized for it citing that some programming bugs had caused it. 

We were also a victim of Instagram's shenanigans, and even after they said they've fixed things, we had our Instagram account disabled every other week. We would post a selfie to verify our account, wait for up to 48 hours to receive an email that our account was disabled by mistake.  

On Sunday, i.e. 11 Dec 2022 our account was disabled once again and required us to re-verify our account. Once we did that, we regained access after waiting for approx. 24 hours, just to use it for a couple of hours and then receiving an error while logging in, telling us it has been permanently disabled for violating 'community standards'.

Since then, we have tried all official and non-official ways to contact Instagram to remind them that there has been a mistake, but unfortunately couldn't get a hold of anyone who could help. With countless forms filled and several emails written, our option to request an appeal has also been disabled, marking it as a dead end. 

Therefore, circumstances have left us with no choice but to move on and create a new Instagram account for posting news, updates and offers. Through this post, we wish to inform everyone that our old Instagram account, i.e. focallurearabia has been disabled and is no longer accessible or viewable. 

Our new Instagram account is focallure.arabia

Our old Instagram account was created in August 2019, and we had put countless hours and sleepless nights into it to spread the word about our business. Now that everything's gone, it's a new beginning for us and we will have to start building everything from scratch, right from the bottom once again as we have no records of our previous followers, chats and images shared. 

We kindly request you to spare a second and follow our new Instagram account, i.e. focallure.arabia so that we can get closer to you once again. 


Team Focallure Arabia

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  • Instagram is getting worse day by day. So hard to manage with random disabling of accounts for no real reason!!


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