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Hello Everyone!

We’re back again with a new blog entry, and while we usually post about things new in store, today we will talk about a Focallure™ product that we so much adore but we’re discontinuing it, because of some technical reasons which we shall elaborate down this post as you continue reading.

As the title is self-explanatory, we’re sorry to inform our customers and general audience that the Eyeshadow Pens will no longer be available at Focallure™ Arabia’s store and website. This is the first time that we’re discontinuing a product from our store, so this isn’t coming easy. We’ve gone through a whole process of getting reviews, analyzing the feedback received and deductions from personal experiments. 

At Focallure™ Arabia, we strive to provide cosmetics which are not only affordable but also safe and convenient to use. Note that all Focallure™ products are manufactured with great care considering highest standards of quality, and if we’re discontinuing a product, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with it. It’s just that if a product is not conforming to the customer’s satisfaction levels, we would rather stop selling it instead of making our customers go through a bad experience. 

Focallure™ Eyeshadow Pens are eyeliner and an eyeshadow in one! The product is designed for people who are always on the go and need a quicker, faster way to get professional-like eye makeup in no time. The pens are also suitable for makeup beginners, who find it difficult to apply eyeshadows using brushes so the pens help a lot as the formula is waxy and glides on easily. Whether you seek a dramatic or subtle appearance, this all-in-one eyeshadow pencil will take your breath away. You can choose from a red eyeshadow, a pink eyeshadow, a green eyeshadow, and more. The 12 color options allow you to move from day to night seamlessly. They are compact for easy storage and will not crease for long-lasting staying power throughout the day or night. 

Listed down are the salient features of the Eyeshadow Pens:

A creamy formula to glide on smoothly.

Easy to blend

No-crease formula.

Does not dry out.

However, here’s the sad part! All the advantages of the eyeshadow pens are also their disadvantages when considered in the GCC market. Since the formula is waxy and creamy, it has a low melting point to ease out the application. For any such product to be highly blend-able, the melting point has to be low so that as soon as it is applied to the area, it glides on smoothly. This is great for countries with cold temperatures but for Bahrain and other countries in the GCC, where summer prevails for much longer periods and winters are usually short-lived, the low melting point can be a problem in two ways; one that during the transit, the product exposed to even a little heat causes it to melt and thus disintegrating its quality and shelf life. Second, since it is usually sunny outside and temperatures range from 37 to 43 Degrees Celsius on average, exposure to heat and sunlight can cause the applied shadow to melt, causing easy transfer and smudging which is not something anyone would like.

Thus, after experimenting with it personally and after receiving feedback from different makeup artists and users, we have discontinued it. However, since Focallure™ Arabia is the official distributor of Focallure™ Cosmetics in Bahrain and GCC, we still can provide it to the interested customers, despite its complications and dis-advantages. Hence after reading this, if you still think the Eyeshadow Pens are suitable for your use-case, please get in touch with us and we will surely be able to get them for you, at a price of BHD 1.900 each! 

We have removed the Eyeshadow Pens from the store, so they’re no longer searchable or purchasable. The only way to get them is by looking at the shades in this post and ordering them manually by messaging us on any of our available contact channels, i.e. email and social media messengers. For any further questions and inquiries, know that we’re always awake and responding to queries 24/7. 

Thanks for sparing your time to read this post. Focallure™ Arabia always wants its customer to have a terrific shopping experience and will uphold its quality and customer satisfaction standards at all times. 

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